Fountain Fine Art

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Paul Bailey

Paul Bailey, Distant Ramsey

Lesley Birch

Lesley Birch, Nature's Way

Robin Boyd

Robin Boyd, Impressions Of A Spring Hill

Louise Brown

Louise Brown, Sitting Hare

Willie Carter

Willie Carter, Deep Bowl, Small

George Chapman (1908-1993)

George Chapman (1908-1993), Treorchy, 1958

Dai David

Dai David, Summer, Llangrannog

Michael de Bono

Michael de Bono, Tulips In Sunlight

Steff Ebsworth

Steff Ebsworth, Paxton

Mary Edwards

Mary Edwards, A Bundle Of Fun

Alastair Elkes-Jones

Alastair Elkes-Jones, Figure 4

Anthony Evans

Anthony Evans, Garn Fawr

Carys Evans

Carys Evans, Woman With Bird

Clare Ferguson-Walker

Clare Ferguson-Walker, The Sorrowful Siren (no delivery available)

Martin John Fowler

Martin John Fowler, Over The Fields

Valerie Ganz (1936-2015)

Valerie Ganz (1936-2015), Will

Veronica Gibson

Veronica Gibson, Taff Methyr Colliery

David Lloyd Griffith

David Lloyd Griffith, Ox-Eye Daisies In A Vase

David Grosvenor

David Grosvenor, Llanberis Lake I

Robert Harrison

Robert Harrison, Dale, Pembrokeshire

Richard Hill

Richard Hill, Carreg Cennen - The Wildling  2

Nick Holly

Nick Holly, Railway View, Swansea

Sarah Hopkins

Sarah Hopkins, Skip

Philip Huckin

Philip Huckin, Cysgodion

Duncan Johnson

Duncan Johnson, Aqualigia

Jacqueline Jones

Jacqueline Jones, Cattle Llandeilo

Mary Jones

Mary Jones, Pink Bay Near Porthcawl

Mike Jones (1941-2022)

Mike Jones (1941-2022), Three Farmers

Martin Llewellyn

Martin Llewellyn, Sunset, Three Cliffs Bay

Harriet Lloyd

Harriet Lloyd, Greyhound Pen Holder

Tina Lucas

Tina Lucas, Mountain Hiking

Robert Macdonald

Robert Macdonald, Shearing Wernfawr (no delivery available)

Jane Malvisi

Jane Malvisi, Welsh Lady

Lucy Marks

Lucy Marks, How We Felt

Ken Maycock

Ken Maycock, The Path, Selby's Forge (no delivery available)

John McClenaghen

John McClenaghen, Westerly Blossoms

Simon O'Shea

Simon O'Shea, Oxwich Bay 3 (no delivery available)

Shirley Anne Owen

Shirley Anne Owen, Llandeilo III

Gareth Parry

Gareth Parry, Eira yn y Gwanwyn, Pen yr Ole Wen

Gustavius Payne

Gustavius Payne, His Master's Reflection

Karen Pearce

Karen Pearce, Ginger Jar Lilies

John Piper (1903-1992)

John Piper (1903-1992), Aberaeron

Sarah Richards

Sarah Richards, Millennium Stadium

Rachel Ricketts

Rachel Ricketts, Titania

Keza Rudge

Keza Rudge, German Shepherd (no delivery available)

Kumar Saraff

Kumar Saraff, Ymgripiol Cysgodion o Hydref

Kevin Sinnott

Kevin Sinnott, Work (resale)

Judith Stroud

Judith Stroud, Worm's Head

Zoe Taylor

Zoe Taylor, Velvet Cloak

Lyndon Thomas

Lyndon Thomas, Near Capel Curig

Gareth Thomas (1955-2019)

Gareth Thomas (1955-2019), Figures, Caswell

Penelope Timmis

Penelope Timmis, Summer Jug (no delivery available)

Dewi Tudur

Dewi Tudur, Brain yn y Coed

Esther Tyson

Esther Tyson, Summer Sparrow 2

Anna Warchus

Anna Warchus, Terrace

Emrys Williams

Emrys Williams, House Near Harlech (gallery collection only)

Nat Young

Nat Young, Garn Fawr