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Current Exhibition - Dewi Tudur & Gareth Thomas - The Last Works 2022

12/11/2022 to 31/12/2022

It was always a pleasure, if a little stressful, putting on an exhibition for Gareth. He was meticulous about preparations and would only show work he was 100% happy with. He put a lot of pressure on himself and worried intensely about how each exhibition might play-out. The reality was that he always enjoyed great success because of the quality and consistency of his work.

On one hand, having an exhibition of the last works from his estate seems such a shame. This is it. There are no more. However, for me as a gallery owner and as someone who considered Gareth a friend, there is the joy, once more, of filling the walls with his work.

The last exhibition Gareth had was back in 2017 with his old college friend, Dewi Tudur. For me, it seemed only right that they pair up again for one last show together.

Their finished paintings couldn’t be more different. One, an expressive oil painter, the other a master of ink and watercolour; both, master draughtsmen. Together they give the viewer two endings to the same story that started in Carmarthen Art College forty or so years ago.


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