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Ken Maycock

Ken Maycock, The Path, Spring

Sian McGill

Sian McGill, Caswel Bay

Michael Monaghan

Michael Monaghan, Still Life With Fish

Sarah Noel

Sarah Noel, Tug

Shirley Anne Owen

Shirley Anne Owen, Gwynedd Farm 2

Gareth Parry

Gareth Parry, Cawod Yn Y Gwanwyn (Pen yr Ole Wen)

Gustavius Payne

Gustavius Payne, His Master's Reflection

Valerie Price-West

Valerie Price-West, Let The Fun Begin - Hare

David Randal

David Randal, Mountain Road

Sarah Richards

Sarah Richards, Millennium Stadium

Phil Rogers RCA

Phil Rogers RCA, Squared Faceted Bottle

Anna Rothwell

Anna Rothwell, Home Time

Lawson E Rudge

Lawson E Rudge, Flat Cow 3

Kumar Saraff

Kumar Saraff, Ymgripiol Cysgodion o Hydref

Zoe Taylor

Zoe Taylor, Bramble And Briar

Gareth Thomas

Gareth Thomas, Setting Sun, Yr Eifl

Lyndon Thomas

Lyndon Thomas, Farm At Capel Curig

Penelope Timmis

Penelope Timmis, Criccieth

Dewi Tudur

Dewi Tudur, Riccardo Galardi Yn Dychwelyd I'w Gartref

Naomi Tydeman RI

Naomi Tydeman RI, Dinghy

Esther Tyson

Esther Tyson, Hare

Sallie Wakley

Sallie Wakley, Dacshund

Deborah Walker RI

Deborah Walker RI, Early Morning, Monkstone Point

Anna Warchus

Anna Warchus, Terrace

George Weissbort

George Weissbort, Red Apple With Grapes 1

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